ILL Treatment of Chinese

ILL Treatment of Chinese  –The Chinese have been so badly treated in California  that they are leaving by hundreds, and the State is thus losing a class of industrious people, who will not be likely to return, as the fifty dollar head tax renders it almost impossible for them to do so.  They are robbed with impunity, and the veriest blackguard that walks the streets can knock down and rob a Chinaman without fear of molestation, as their evidence is not taken in court; and ‘up country’, it is a regular branch of business to collect foreign miners’ tax of every Chinaman they meet.
When a rowdy gets out of money, he supplies himself by that process, or else walks into their tents and helps himself.  The least resistance on the part of the Chinamen, and they are shot down like dogs.,’

                                         (Liberator, Dec. 21, 1855, pg 4)