John Brown writing, from prison, to J.A. Anderson, Esq.

This item appears in the Liberator, June 28, 1860,  quoting a letter written by Brown written from his Charlestown prison, Nov. 29, 1859   “My dear Sir  — Your letter of the 23rd instant is received, but notwithstanding it would afford me the utmost pleasure to answer it at length, it is not in my power to write you but a few words.   J. G. Anderson was fighting bravely by my side , at Harpers Ferry up to the moment when I fell wounded, and I took no further notice of what passed for a little time.  I have since been told that he was mortally wounded at the same moment and died in a short time afterwards.  I believe this information is correct; but I have no means of knowing from my acquaintances, not being allowed intercourse with other prisoners, except one  The same is true as to the death of one of my own sons.  I have no doubt”.

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