Judge warns against Disunionists

May 20, 1842

This item is titled, “Daring Judicial attempt to excite a Mob, and to suppress Freedom of Speech”, and is introduced as an “Extract from a Charge delivered by Judge Mordecai Manessah Noah, (a Jewish unbeliever, the enemy of Christ and of Liberty), to the Grand Jury of the Court of Session of New York, May 3d, 1842:”   The Judge calls attention to the announced intent for a convention to be held in the city during the month, at which meeting the question of repealing the Union between the North and South will be openly discussed.  Fearing the possibility of violence, the Judge says that the Court will rigidly enforce the laws, and he seeks to “convince any body of men , making this city the
theatre of their deliberations, that their objects and intentions must be strictly legal, rational and justifiable.”

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