Lane Seminary Abolitionized

Lane Seminary Abolitionized                  Extract of a letter dated March 17, 1841

‘We have sixty-one students. The subject of slavery, as connected with the churches, has excited much interest. We carry a majority, (in our Rhetorical Society,) not only to exclude slaveholders  from church communion, but to refuse all donations from them for missionary and benevolent purposes. The churches in this city stand out well in their Presbytery and Synods.  Alarming developments have been made as to church members, on this side of the river, connected with the Baptist and other churches, holding slaves.  The Faculty came out full before the students, but are mum before the community.  Dr. B. goes for political action, so you see we are all doing now.  Ohio will come up to the polls well, we think, another term.’ ….  Free Am.

Five years ago an agent of the Seminary took great pains to prove, through the press, that the Seminary was not sending out an ‘abolition influence.’

(Liberator, April 23, 1841, pg 1)