An arrival at New York , from Jamaica, brings accounts to the 27th ultimo, inclusive.  The insurrection amongst the negroes was nearly quelled.  They had burned nearly 150 plantations in the island, and destroyed property valued at about a million and a half of dollars. It was supposed that 2000 of the insurgents had been killed, and that only 500 remained at large.  At one time it was estimated the number in arms was upwards of 30,000. A proclamation was issued on the 22d, continuing martial law for one month longer.   It was understood that another proclamation was to be issued forthwith, denouncing the punishment of death to all rebels, who did not surrender themselves at the outposts by the 10th of February.  The papers are filled with details of the occurrences in the various districts.

                                                                                       (Liberator , Feb. 25, 1832, pg 2)