Letter from a citizen of Georgia, relative to slavery & slaves

An unsigned letter from Freedom Hall, Virginia, April 20, includes a letter from a “friend, a citizen of the state of Georgia”, invites an answer …. There is no answer in this edition of the paper. 

The writer wonders how he might “turn into a blessing the circumstance of owning slaves” …. “all the experiments we try, privately of course, fail to do any good as far as we see.  ……. Give them food enough and proper raiment and make them work, seems to be the only mercy we can safely extend to them. Invite them into your house, and read the scriptures to them, and exhort them to obedience, and they will not attend only when they are obliged to do so.  I am very anxious to do these creatures good, so far as our laws  permit,  but I have tried everything that has occurred to me, except setting them free, and that I cannot do without sending them out of the country, do write me on this subject’”…..The writer, who has included the letter in his, believes that the above extract was written, by one who wants to do right, and invites comment, but is unsigned.

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