Letter from John G. Whittier, Esq.

Letter from John G. Whittier, Esq.                                                          Amesbury, 1 mo. 17, 1864

My dear friend Garrison: – I notice in the last Liberator a line from my old and highly esteemed friend, A.W.Thayer, Esq., in relation to a letter received by me from Henry Clay. I had written him, (H.C), urging him to use his influence to effect thy liberation from prison in Baltimore. His answer I cannot now lay hand on, but I think it is somewhere among my papers. Friend Thayer’s recollection of it coincides in the main with mine. H.C. Stated that he had written to a friend in Baltimore to inquire into the matter, and give such aid, in his name, as might be practicable in procuring thy release; but that he had just learned from his Baltimore correspondent, that he had been anticipated by a gentleman in New York. 

It gives me real pleasure to refer to this characteristic and generous letter from a man who, slaveholder as he was, had he lived to our day, would I am sure, have been found on the side of Union, and therefore of Liberty.  

                                                                                     Very truly thy friend, John G. Whittier

P.S. If I find the letter in question, I will send thee a copy. I do not think the language of it was as definite as friend Thayer’s version as to the payment of fine and costs. It was simply a prompt and generous effort on the writer’s part to aid thee.


(Liberator, January 22, 1864, pg 2)