Letter to President Zachary Taylor…. free your slaves

March 8, 1850, in the Liberator, there is a letter to President Taylor, signed by Francis Jackson, President, and Edmund Quincy, Secretary, of the Mass. Anti-Slavery Society.  “You are the chief magistrate of a nation claiming to be free, republican, Christian.  The office ceases to deserve respect, when people desecrate it by the election of a tyrant to fill it …. you are holding in slavery, for your sole benefit and as absolute property, men, women and children, created in the image of God, and born with an inalienable right to liberty .. it is said that you are an honest man.  This cannot be true, as you are daily plundering those whom you are driving to unrequited toil under the lash of brutal drivers …. As President of the United States, aid the cause of universal emancipation by liberating all your slaves.”

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