Lists 24 “TRUISMS”

Lists 24 “TRUISMS”, of which here is a sampling:

“All men are born equal, and entitled to protection, excepting those whose skins are black and hair wooly…..and their decendants”.

“If white men are ignorant and depraved, they ought freely to receive the benefits of education; but if black men are in this condition, common sense dictates that they should be held in bondage, and never instructed.”

“ The color of the skin determines whether a man has a soul or not.  If white he has an immortal essence; if black he is altogether beastly. Mulattoes, however, derive no benefit from this rule.”

“The blacks ought to be held in fetters, because they are too stupid to take care of themselves; at least we are not so stupid as to suffer them to make the experiment.”

“The slaves are kept in bondage for their own good. Liberty is a curse to the free people of color  — their condition is worse than that of the slaves.! Yet it would be very wicked to bind them with fetters for their good.!”

“To deny that a man is a Christian or republican, who holds slaves, and dooms their children to bondage, is most uncharitable and inconsistent.”

“To doubt the religious vitality of a church, which is composed of slaveholders, is the worst species of infidelity.’

“The Africans are our slaves, not because we like to oppress or to make money unjustly – but because Noah’s curse must be fulfilled, and the scriptures obeyed.”

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