New York Anti-Slavery Society formed in city

At a meeting of the friends of immediate emancipation of slaves in the United States, held at Chatham-street Chapel, Oct 2, at half past seven o’clock, John Rankin was chosen Chairman, and Abraham Cox, M.D. Secretary.

….A committee appointed at a preliminary meeting, then offered a draft of a Constitution, which was read, and its principles discussed, when the same was unanimously adopted, and is as follows:…….Constitution of the New York Anti-Slavery Society …… 

Officers of the Society:  Arthur Tappan, President;  William Green, Jr., Vice-President;  Elizur Wright, Jr., Cor. Secretary;  Charles W. Denison, Rec. Sec.   Managers:  Joshua Leavitt, Isaac T. Hopper, Abraham L.Cox, M.D.,  Lewis Tappan, William Goodell,

                                         (Liberator, Oct 19, 1833, pg 3)