Newspapers Favorable to Slaveholders

Newspapers favorable to slaveholders     (Liberator,   Nov 11, 1862, pg 3)

WONDERFUL DOCUMENT!   1. Judging from the tone of the Democratic press, the President’s Emancipation Proclamation is a “marvelous document”.   A perusal of the New York Herald, Express, Journal of Commerce, Chicago Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, and others of that stripe, enable the reader to discover the following peculiarities of the Proclamation:

It will destroy the Union.         It is harmless and impotent.        It will excite slave insurrections.

The slaves will never hear of it.     It will excite the South to desperation.    The rebels will laugh it to           scorn                    These are a few of the attributes which the Democratic  press give to the instrument..

Conservative Chorus.

Abraham, spare the South,     Touch not a single slave;       Nor e’en by word of mouth       Disturb the             thing, we crave.     ‘Twas our forefathers’ hand     That slavery begot;   There , Abraham, let it stand,

Thine acts shall harm it not.