Oppression in Florida

OUTRAGEOUS OPPRESSION.    We perceive by the Apalachicola (Florida) Gazette that the Government of that city have imposed an arbitrary tax of twenty five dollars on every free person of color, (man, woman and child) and a tax of fifty dollars upon every slave who hires his own time.  Unless this tax is paid in a given time, the delinquents are to be seized and sold !   As the free negroes at the south are generally poor, the probability is that many who live within the light of the ordinance here referred to, will lose their freedom, though mayhap they have spent years of anxious toil in obtaining it.  – Boston Times.

What high-souled, magnanimous, chivalrous patriarchs these slaveholders are!

                            What say, you freemen of the North?  Shall Florida, the scene of such barbarity

                            be admitted into the Union?  Let your votes for members of Congress, and your

                            memorials to that body answer the question.

                                                        (Liberator, Sept 21, 1838, pg 3)