Our Trust in Truth

We do not give up our country as sealed over to destruction; nor our countrymen as incorrigibly wicked. We have unshaken reliance in the omnipotence of truth. We still believe that the demands of justice will be satisfied; that the voice of mercy will melt the most adamantine hearts; and that the land will be redeemed and regenerated through an enlightened and energetic public opinion. As long as there remains a single copy of the Declaration of American Independence, or of the bible, in our land, we will not despair. But should our hopes be blasted, and the arm of the oppressor crush us with the slaves, still we are ready to exclaim:
‘They never fail who die
In a great cause; the block may soak their gore;
Their heads may sodden in the sun; their limbs
Be strung to city gates and castle walls —
But still their spirit walks abroad. Though years
Elapse, and others share as dark as doom,
They but augment the deep and swelling thoughts
Which overpower all others, and conduct
The world at last to Freedom. ‘
(Liberator, January 1, 1831, pg 1)