Petitions to the Mass. Legislature — by MASS & “new organization”

Here is a long two-column listing of petitions presented, with the names of lead petitioners, indicating the number of signers, and towns from which they come.  Petitions cover a range of issues, including abolishing slave trade in D.C., repealing laws of the Commonwealth which make distinctions on account of complexion, preventing the admission of Florida into the Union as a slave state, and for repeal of the Congressional gag-law.

In another column, commenting on the petitions, there is a claim that the total number of names on the petitions, was 39,056.   It claims that both the MAAS and the “new organization” circulated the petitions, and that only l,727 of the total names were secured by the “new organization”  —- obvious reference to the Mass Abolition Society.

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