Plan for One Hundred Anti-Slavery Conventions

The Board of Managers of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society to the Abolitionists of the Commonwealth, published in the Liberator, February 9, 1844: “Our best energies go forward to meet you, for the execution of the plan we formed together at our recent meeting in Faneuil Hall, of ONE HUNDRED ANTI-SLAVERY CONVENTIONS IN MASSACHUSETTS, during the ensuing two months … We thought to unite economy and dispatch with thorough and energetic action, by the arrangement of Five Sumultaneous Series of Conventions, each series to hold three  conventions per week, of two days each in every place visited, until the number is complete: still relying on you for that heavy operation and vigorous support … Lose no opportunity  — withhold no sacrifice  — space no obstacle  — grudge no effort, and the blessings of The God of Freedom be with you evermore!”  Signed by Francis Jackson, William Lloyd Garrison, Henry W. Williams, John T. Hilton, Maria W. Chapman, Charles Lenox  Remond, Anne Warren West, Wendell Phillips, John Rogers, Cornelius Bramhall, Edmund Quincy, Henry I. Bowditch.

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