Preaching anti-slavery rebuked, Bangor

October 21, 1842

“The Exciting Subject  — A letter from the editor of the Emancipator, written at Bangor, Maine., tells of the following incident:  The Rev. Dr. Hawes,  of Hartford, Connecticut., preached a sermon in one of the churches, here, on Sunday evening on ‘the immorality of the soul’, and in one of his instances, he illustrated the sinfulness of slavery by saying “he would as soon think of holding an angel as property, as an immortal man.  Had an earthquake shaken the everlasting rocks on which the clay banks of Bangor recline, the audience could not have been more startled….. The editor of the Bangor Daily Whig thought the matter such a flagrant breach of order, that he sternly rebuked it in his paper”

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