Prejudice overcome at Navy Yard

Prejudice vincible.   The Boston Transcript has the following, which shows that what N.P. Rogers used to call “colorphobia” may be cured:

      The introduction of a colored man into the gang of caulkers at the Navy Yard, in Charlestown, some weeks since, created quite an excitement, and several of the white caulkers refused to work by the side of the black man. But the subject of this baseless prejudice worked on without reference to the feelings with which he was regarded by those in the same department. He has proved himself so capable to discharge the duties incumbent upon him, and his conduct has been so uniformly courteous and correct, that the aversion of his fellow-men has been completely overcome. On a recent occasion, the caulkers presented him with a silver goblet, and eleven of the workmen who had previously struck contributed to its purchase.    Nobly done!

(Liberator, February 12, 1864, pg 3)