Rebel Exultation in Richmond

 The Richmond Enquirer, of the 16th is exultant over the “beginning of chaos” at the North as exemplified by riot, murder and conflagration in New York. It wonders that “this good work did not commence long ago,” and adds: “This excellent outbreak may be the opening scene of the inevitable revolution which is to tear to pieces the most rotten society, and leave the Northern half of the old American Union a desert of blood-soaked ashes.” In bidding the work good speed, the Enquirer says: — “This one insurrection may be suppressed for the moment, but it will be the parent of other and still worse convulsions. We have but to persevere in our determined resistance, gird ourselves to the task of winning our independence more sternly than ever, yet a little while, and we shall see the giant but hollow bulk of the Yankee nation bursting into fragments, and rushing down in perdition in flames and blood,  Amen!” 

                                                                      (Liberator, July 24, 1863, pg 3)