Recruitment of the 54th Regiment

William Wells Brown, Dr. Smith, and Charles Lenox Remond, all colored, have been appointed recruiting agents for this regiment. The camp was opened at Readville on Saturday last, with thirty recruits.

Mr Remond delivered a very eloquent address at Joy Street Church last Sunday evening, and warmly urged colored men to enlist in the 54th Regiment….. The Providence Journal says that with the sanction of Gov. Sprague, an office has been opened in that city to enlist recruits for the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. It is expected that one or two Rhode Island companies will be raised. The expense of transportation and outfit will be met by Massachusetts, but it is understood that the companies will be reckoned as a part of the quota of Rhode Island. ….. It is also stated that several colored men are on the way from Philadelphia to Massachusetts to enlist in this regiment….. A war meeting of the colored citizens of New Bedford, was held on Thursday evening. Rev. William Jackson was president. He announced his willingness to go to the war, and urged his friends to volunteer… Senator Chandler has written a letter home, stating that Michigan will have the honor of sending a negro regiment to the war….. The President is well pleased with the Florida exploit of is colored soldiers, and thinks he shall let them keep the white prisoners they took, and see what the man of “retaliation” will do about it.

                                                                                                  (Liberator, February 27, 1863, pg 3)