Religious Instruction for slaves of Charleston

September 10, 1847

A critical sarcasm leveled at the intent of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to engage in education programs for slaves in Charleston.  “They who sit in the Scoffer’s Seat have often girded at that incorporation of our country’s Piety, the American Board of Commissioners, because they have expended their labours on Heathen hearts on the other side of the globe, while they left uncared for a whole nation of Heathen in their own country…… The Board was the Representative of American Religion —of that Religion which overshadows our whole beloved country, South as well as North, and binds the entire country together in ‘A Glorious Union, One and Inseparable, Now and Forever!’  It should not be expected that the Permanence of such a Union, the Peace of the Church, and the Comfort of the Ministry, should be endangered merely for the sake of the salvation of a few niggers.”  The article indicates that at a meeting to consider the matter of the instruction of colored people, a resolution was passed which says: ” ‘that in order
that such instruction should be given efficiently, and at the same time with proper safeguards, it must be afforded by thoroughly educated ministers, of sound principles, who are devoted to the welfare of that people, and who understand our institutions.'”…  Then the article comments:
“Thus it will be perceived the matter is in the right hands. Northern fanaticism will be kept at bay.”

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