Removal of Noyes Academy

Three Selectmen of the town of Canaan deny a published statement that the citizens of the town support the school.   Then follows an account of the removal of the school.

This is the story of the vote at a Town Meeting, held July 31, at which there was a vote to remove the school, and a committee appointed to discharge that duty,  “the performance of which, they believe the interest of the town,  the honor of the state, and the good of the whole community, (both black and white) required without delay.”    Then follows the account of how three hundred people, with ninety to one hundred oxen, carried out the work “with very little noise, considering the number engaged, until the building was safely landed on the common near the Baptist meeting-house,  …..”   The account claims the duty to have been carried out in the “spirit of ‘75”,  and in memory of those who have fought and fell struggling for liberty.

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