Salem and Vicinity create Anti-Slavery Society

The Anti-Slavery Society of Salem and Vicinity

The society, then consisting of eighty members, was organized on the evening of 27th January, by the choice of the following gentlemen to fill the several offices forthe ensuing year:

Rev. Cyrus P. Grosvenor, of Salem, President     Dea. William B. Dodge, of Salem, lst Vice President;   Doct. Ingalls Kittredge, of Beverly, 2d do;   Col. Jesse Putnam, of Danvers, 3d do;   Capt. Benj. Porter, of Marblehead, 4th do;   Rev. George B. Cheever, of Salem, Corresponding Secretary;   Mr. Rufus Putnam, of Salem,  Recording Secretary;   Mr. Thomas Spencer, of Salem,  Rev. John Holroyd, of Danvers;  Mr. E. B. Dearborn, of M’head,   Mr. Nathan Putnam, of Salem,   Dea. Richard M. Chipman, of Salem,  Mr. William , of  Salem,  Mr. Robert Cogswell, of Salem,  Treasurer,  Mr. Benjamin H. Ives, of Salem, Auditor

                                                        (Liberator,  February 22 , 1834, pg 2)