Sarah Remond well received in England

From Warrington, (Eng.) Times, of Jan 29

 “We announced last week, that a lecture would be given on Slave Life in America, by Miss Remond, a colored lady, who has recently arrived in the country from America….Miss Remond is one of the best female lecturers we have heard; her gentle and easy manner, combined with an animated and intelligent countenance, rivets the attention of her auditors……We think we may venture to say that the Music Hall was never so packed before. …After speaking an hour and a quarter, Miss Remond sat down amidst the most enthusiastic cheering. … A resolution passed: ‘That this meeting tender its warmest thanks to Miss Remond, for her interesting and able exposition of the present condition of the African people in the United States ‘….” (Liberator, March 11, 1859, pg 1)