Secessionists keep boarding houses

A correspondent calls attention to the fact that a great many boarding-houses in this city are kept by rank secessionists.   This is true.  There are hundreds of such houses, most of them kept by women whose husbands and relatives are in the Southern service, the women being sent North to live upon Yankee patronage and act the part of Rehab.  They are the bitterest of our enemies, presuming upon their sex for security, and using that security to malign and betray the Government.   Surely there ought to be some means of abating this grave and dangerous evil. — New York Tribune.   (Liberator, Mar 25, 1864, pg 3)

The Chattanooga, Gazette states, that between the point of Lookout Mountain and Bridgeport, down the valley of the Tennessee,  lie twenty-five miles of dead mules, in one continuous string – the head of the first carcass lying on the “quarter-deck  of the one beyond him, and so on throughout the entire distance.

(Liberator,  1864, Mar 25, pg 3)