“the hair-brained measures of Mr. Garrison…”

“…..If you introduce the doctrine of immediate emancipation, instantly, all the ‘abusive epithets,’ ‘the inflammatory speeches,’ ‘the incendiary publications’, ‘the fanatical zeal,’ and the ‘hair-brained measures.’ of Wm. Lloyd Garrison rise up, and so completely fill the whole vision, that all the evils of slavery, great and manifold as they are, dwindle and at length become entirely invisible.  The sins of that single individual of such number and magnitude, as to shed a veil of impenetrable darkness over all the guilt and danger of slavery.  Before some minds you cannot keep the evils of slavery, because of the absorbing influence of Mr. Garrison’s faults.  You will find ten men to apologize for the slaveholders, where you will find one to apologize for Mr. Garrison. …..Correspondent of the Christian Mirror

(Liberator,  February 1, 1834, pg 1)