Tribute to James Forten

From the Herald of Freedom

James  Forten

We learn by the Liberator the recent death, at Philadelphia, of this venerable colored man and abolitionist  Every abolitionist has heard of James Forten.  We  had the satisfaction of knowing him personally, and of having enjoyed his correspondence to some extent.  He was a man of very extraordinary character.  Under all the mountain disabilities of his complexion, he rose to a high degree of respectability and success in life, as well as intellectual  attainment.  Had he been a white man, the same amount of character would have placed him among the most distinquished citizens of the country.  We venerate him infinitely the more for his disqualifying race.  In spite of all the invincible obstacles that overwhelm the colored man, and crush instantly to the dust all his most distant prospects of approaching the common level of humanity,   —-James Forten rose to a degree of respect and dignity, truly sublime.  He conquered, by mere personal worth, the prejudice of a nation, — a prejudice which that nation has impiously declared invincible even by christianity itself………………………….

   (Liberator,  April 8, 1842, pg 4)