Universalist Ministers

May 1, 1846

Under Refuge of Oppression is an introduction to a list of thirty-seven reasons for not signing the previously printed Protest Against Slavery, “given by those ministers of that denomination who declined appending their names to it. This department of our paper has never contained an article more decidedly ‘rich’.”    Here is a sample of some of the reasons cited for not signing: 

 “slavery is a political question , with which we have nothing to do.”
“the condition of the slaves is better here than that of the Africans, or the lower classes in all other nations.”
“because of the example of Jesus, who did not protest against Slavery, that existed in his day.”
“because the evils of Slavery were entailed by the mother country upon the Colonies, against their will, and the inheriting States must bear with the evil, as irremediable.”
“because of the golden rule —If we held slaves in accordance with law, we should not wish others to interfere with the enjoyment of our rights.”
“because the Apostles left no protests against Slavery, but, on the contrary, gave full instructions to slaves to be obedient.”
“because the Slaves cannot be benefited by freedom, but must ever be reduced below the whites, for the two races cannot live in peace on the ground of equality; and while they are in the same country, the one will be the master of the other.”
“because the protest savors too much of modern Abolitionism….”
“because Abolitionism has no piety, but is mere partyism, with selfish aims…
“because it has a tendency to unchristianize my brother at the South – the slaveholder.”

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