Violent opposition to Garrison

Includes item from Boston Evening Transcript, Oct 8   Refers to a handbill circulated widely in the city.  Indicates that “The Post of this morning” claims that the handbill was circulated by friends of Garrison, assuming it would encourage sympathy for him.  The Liberator maintains that is not true:  “We are apprehensive that the handbill emanated from another and very different source  ….The Liberator was surrounded last night by a dense mob, breathing threatenings which foreboded a storm.”

Then the handbill itself, with a title, “BOSTONIANS AWAKE!!

“The true American has returned, alias William Lloyd Garrison, the ‘Negro Champion’,…from his disgraceful mission to the British metropolis  …..He has held meetings in London and slandered the Americans to the utmost of his power,…. And also countenancing the outrageous conduct of Daniel O’Connell …..Americans!  Will you brook this conduct?  I think not!  He is now in your power – do not let him escape you,  but go this evening armed with plenty of tar and feathers and administer him justice at his abode at No. 9 Merchants Hall, Congress St.”
Boston, Oct 7, 1833
A note follows with a finger pointing at it:  The Transcript and Morning Post will receive their deserts in due season.”

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