Walker’s Pamphlet, view from North Carolina

From what we can learn of this incendiary and sanguinary production, we deprecate its circulation, and cheerfully accord with those who are taking measures to suppress it. But we do not believe it contains all that deep damnation which has been attributed to it; it seems, however, that in its daring march through the south, it makes stout hearts quail, and even Governors tremble……….. But when an old negro from Boston writes a book and sends it amongst us, the whole country is thrown into commotion……….But while we are amused with this misplaced alarm of Governors and Statesmen, let us not overlook the burning volcano that lies but partially concealed beneath it, the ultimate explosions of which cannot be prevented by adding to the cause which produced it. ……..they will only be drawing tighter that cord of oppression which will ultimately burst asunder, and leave a people disenthralled……….Let them take warning from the annals of the world, and learn wisdom from the downfall of kingdoms. Human beings were never made to submit to absolute and unconditional despotism: they never have done it, they never will do it. —-– Greensborough (N.C.) Patriot
(Liberator, January 29, 1831, pg 2)