William Lloyd Garrison tribute

William Lloyd Garrison     Mr. Garrison has become a veteran in the Anti-Slavery cause; and is yet as vigorous and full of zeal and hope, as a young convert.  For the same period that Wilberforce tried to mitigate the evils of slavery, and then found it could not be done, but must be destroyed , has  Mr. Garrison been in editorial life;  and good service has he done too.  Many of his public addresses, for soundness in Scriptural sentiments, and have not been surpassed by any pulpit in the land………May a kind  Providence prolong the life of this friend of universal humanity,  until the jubilee trumpet shall sound the day of liberty to all in the land; nay, the world..  For “His country is the  wide, wide world, His countrymen mankind.”    Syracuse Wesleyan

(Liberator, Feb 15, 1861, pg 4)