On Friday afternoon, May 30, a meeting was held in Studio Building, Boston, for conference in regard to a new periodical to be devoted to the interests of Woman.  While none questioned the value and the need of such an instrument in the Woman’s Rights cause, the difficulties that would endanger or even defeat the enterprise were fully discussed, but with this issue – that the experiment should be made.  For the furtherance, therefore, of so desirable an object, we insert and call attention to the following


When we consider that there is scarcely a party, sect, business organization or reform which is not represented in the press, it appears strange that woman, constituting one half of humanity, should have nor organ, in America, especially devoted to the promotion of their interests, particularly as these interests have excited  more wide-spread attention in this country than in any other, while in no other country can the double power of free speech and a free press be made so effective in their behalf.

               (Liberator, July 4, 1862, pg3)