Working-Men and the Aristocracy


The following is an extract of a letter from a beloved and distinquished abolition brother in the state of New York.  We publish it as a hint to the working-men.

“Blessings on your head, heart, and estate!  I have heard of your trials, and am sure that out of them all, the Lord will deliver you.  Your impressive account of the late riot in Boston cannot but be read with deep interest and happy effect.  When will the working-men of our country see, that the present is a struggle between them and a fat, heartless and most insolent aristocracy?  Their eyes must, one would think, soon be opened; and when once their vision is cleared of the artificial mists thrown around them, they will no longer consent to be asses, to bear about those tubs of lard which now insist on riding on their shoulders.’

(Liberator, Jan 9, 1836, pg 1)