Garrison stands Against Toombs

HURRAH FOR GARRISON !    The Boston Committee for procuring lectures for the discussion of slavery, in Tremont Temple, this winter, though acting, professedly, for the advance of anti-slavery principles, have engaged the notorious Toombs, of Georgia, and several other pro-slavery men of the South, to come and lecture among the usual, well-known anti-slavery lecturers, who have engaged themselves for the course.    But Garrison, who has received an invitation to make one of the latter, has written, and published a letter in  which he indignantly refuses to train in the company of such as Toombs, whom the Committee not only invite, but pay for doing their best to defend slavery, and propagate pro-slavery sentiments among the people.  And is not William Lloyd Garrison about right in the matter?

Montpelier (Vt) Freeman.  

(Liberator, Dec 24 pg 3, 1858)