AAS Resolutions regarding Free Soil Party, and Colonization

May 18, 1849

At the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society, here are a few excerpted sentences from resolutions passed.

Regarding the Free Soil Party:  “… while we recognize the Free Soil party as an honest effort to effect a good purpose;  and while we know such attempts must ever be the unavoidable result of such agitations as ours, and with full disposition to appreciate cordially the energy of many of its advocates, we yet regard as is most valuable fruit, the  palpable evidence its failure gives, of the utter impracticality and inefficiency of such efforts as those of the Free Soil party; and we feel bound to declare, that, acting as it does within the Union, and under the American Constitution, that party is to be placed in the same depth of criminality with the Whig and Democratic parties, in regard to the enslavement of three millions of our countrymen, by its support of the pro-slavery compromises of the Constitution.”

Regarding the American Colonization Society:  ” …still to be regarded and denounced as the enemy of the colored people of the United States, in that it has no testimony against slavery; that it keeps fellowship with slaveholders…”

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