Traffic in Slaves and Souls of Men

May 25, 1849

Under the Refuge of Oppression, from the New Orleans Picayune, there is a listing of seven notices of Slaves/Negroes for Sale. The names of the sellers or agents are listed after each notice.  Here is one full announcement, and a portion of a second:
 “Nineteen Negroes  — Consisting of 3 men, 3 women, and 13 small ones.  At the same time and place, I will sell three thousand pounds of good Bacon, and a quantity of good Brick.  Terms of sale:12 months, with note and security.”   M. Patton, Adminisrator.”
 “About 35 mules and horses, 7 yoke of oxen, cart, wagons, timber, wheels, FIFTY-TWO NEGROES, including  blacksmiths, carpenters, coopers, engineers …The Plantation will be sold with or without the Negroes, at the option of the purchaser…”

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