Abbot Lawrence interests vary, whether, North or South

Folly  — Abbot Lawrence of Boston, in imitation of Mr. Webster, wishes to appear particularly national in his political character; that is, seem to be essentially  a friend of freedom and Northern interests at the North, and at the same time, to be essentially a friend  to Slavery, and other incompatible Southern interests, at the South.  In that ridiculous character he has lately addressed a letter to the Hon. Wm. C. Rives of Virginia, in which he undertakes to tell Mr. R. of how Virginia may become as flourishing as the Northern States.  To accomplish this, he suggests that nothing is necessary but to establish common schools and to go into manufacturing!  He says not a word about changing some three fifths of the population of Virginia from the condition of chattel slavery to that of free citizens, though he knows that his recommendations cannot possibly be carried into effect otherwise?  Does he lack wisdom? Or honest? Or both ? – Hampshire Herald

                                                          (Liberator, Feb 13, 1846, pg 1)