Death of Joseph Pease, father of Elizabeth Pease.

Death of Joseph Pease

We find recorded, in the British Friend, the death of Joseph Pease, at Feethams, Darlington, in  the 75th year of his age, on the 16th ultimo  — the father of the estimable Elizabeth Pease, and an ardent supporter of the anti-slavery cause.  He was the intimate friend and correspondent of the venerable Clarkson, and extensively known and respected.  We remember with grateful feelings his kind attentions to us, during our last visit to England, and have been cherishing the hope that we might again see him in the flesh.  The strong attachment which subsisted between the father and daughter must make her bereavement a peculiarly afflicting one.  We deeply sympathize with her in her loss.  She was ‘all the world’ to him.

                                                         (Liberator, April 24, 1846, pg 3)