Abby Kelley Foster criticized

August 9, 1850

In the Refuge of Oppression columns, there is a “precious morceau” from the New Lisbon (Ohio) Palladium.   “Abby Kelley Foster is again upon her stump, ministering to the depraved appetites of her fanatical followers. …. The people of New Lisbon showed their good sense by staying from the meeting, letting her rave her blasphemies in the ears of those who have just wit enough to believe in Burleigh, Garrison, and the amiable Abby’s doctrine that ‘the Bible’s a farce and Jesus Christ’s an imposter.’  We sincerely trust that even to those poor witless fools who are blinded by her eloquence to the dangerous tendencies of her doctrines, the poison may be so malignant a nature as to carry with it its own antidote.”

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