American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

October 21, 1859

The article indicates that action of the Board has severed the Choctaw Mission from the Board, including a resolution adopted urging that missionaries should “put away from them the sin” of slaveholding.  The article criticizes a pro-slavery pastor of a church in Southwark, London, Rev. John Waddington.  After Rev. H. T. Cheever urged the Board “to act so as to deserve the contributions of Christian abolitionists”,  Waddington advised against “side issues”, and  said, “In the Mission Societies, our only feelings in favor of abolitionism should be feelings in favor of abolishing the kingdom of Satan.”

Comment by editor, C.K.W  — “And this among a set of men who, to his knowledge, claim that Saviour as the authenticator of slavery!”

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