An outrage upon Indians

An Outrage upon the Indians

A volume has been published, which details a most infamous outrage recently practiced by a Land Company in New York, upon the Senecca Indians.  The bribery of several prominent chiefs was effected, in order to induce them to part with land worth $2,000,000, for little more than $200,000.  All sorts of tricks and devices were resorted to, the demon of intemperance was invoked, and such of the patriotic and independent chiefs as still resisted, were offered considerable sums of money, should they yield to the infamous schemes of the Land Company.  The treaty framed under these circumstances, was smuggled through Congress, and thus red men were cruelly and wantonly plundered.  The pamphlet detailing all the facts, has been published by the Society of Friends; and it is to be hoped that the matter will be agitated by the press, and thus excite a due degree of attention  — that the rights of the Indians will be vindicated, and the plunderers compelled to yield up their fraudulently acquired booty.  — Pa. Inquirer.

                                                         (Liberator, Feb 26, 1841, pg 3)