Anti-Slavery Movements in Great Britain

No person can have observed the progress of public opinion in Great Britain, during the last , eight or ten years, without perceiving  that the opposition to the toleration of slavery in the British Colonies has been constantly increasing.  ….. The multitude of anti-slavery petitions presented to the House of Commons, during the last session, is enormous.  It is stated in this anti-slavery Reporter, that the number of these petitions, up to March 31st, was 5, 329……….The Anti-Slavery society, whose indefatigable labors in vindicating the rights of the children of African, are deserving of all praise, has recently published an address, which we insert below.   Our readers will see, with pleasure, the names of Wilberforce and Clarkson subscribed to this paper, as well as those of others who have distinguished themselves in the same cause…..

(Liberator, June 25, 1831, pg. 1)