Anti-Slavery Societies growing in number

‘All Up in a Heap’

We give it up in despair  — it is utterly impracticable for us to keep pace in our journal with the anti-slavery movements of the day, to say nothing of what the enemies of the abolition are doing.  Documents are accumulating upon our hands in heaps, all of them interesting, and many of them truly valuable;  but if it were a daily sheet, as large as the New York Courier and Enquirer, we should still find ourselves limited as to room …………………..We have on file, communications from Taunton, Marshfield, West Boylston, East Randolph, & c.  for which we would return our thanks……. Several of them give accounts of the formation of sundry anti-slavery societies.

                                                                             (Liberator, Feb 18, 1837, pg 3)