Beginning the sixth volume

Includes a notice of the dissolution of the Copartnership of Knapp & Garrison, “by mutual consent”.

With an introduction to the new volume, Garrison recites some the history of abolition, then proudly announces that the Colonization Society is struggling with dissolution,  then goes on to recount successes:   “Look, now, at that powerful association, the American AntiSlavery Society!  Look at seven flourishing state Societies!  Look a five hundred auxiliary societies, and see them multiplying daily!  Look at the flood of our publications sweeping through the land, and carrying joy, and hope, and life, and fertility wherever they go!  See how many presses have espoused our cause!    ——- And the stream of sympathy still roles on – its impetus is increasing – and it must ere long sweep away the pollutions of slavery!……”   Goes on to ascribe all glory and honor  for the coming victory, to God.

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