Includes a notice of the dissolution of the Copartnership of Knapp & Garrison, “by mutual consent”. With an introduction to the new volume, Garrison recites some the history of abolition,…

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1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations Colonization, Anti-colonization Knapp, Isaac Liberator

Under the “Slavery Record”  There is a record of a meeting of the proslavery citizens of Athens and Limestone County, to consider how to respond to “an organized band of…

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1836 Birney, James Pro-Slavery

1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations Rhode Island

The story of an Anti-Abolition meeting, Jan 22, with the Mayor acting as President.   The meeting refers to the foundation of the nation and the discussion of the fact that …

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1836 Anti-Abolition Birney, James

1836 Legislatures of North & South Massachusetts Legislature

1836 Legislatures of North & South Rhode Island

In a May 11 note to Knapp, written from New York,  Garrison tells of meetings he has attended, and then adds this at the end: “Last evening the Colonization Society…

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1836 Colonization, Anti-colonization

1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations Anti-Slavery Society - New England

1836 Anti-Abolition

1836 Non-Resistance

South Carolina Presbytery & Methodist General Conference The S.C. Presbytery asserts that: “Slavery has existed in the Church of God from the time of Abraham to this day. Members of…

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1836 Anti-Abolition Churches Pro-Slavery

1836 Churches

From the Mercantile Journal of July 6, there is an item titled, A Disgraceful Act, addressed to a “Mr. Sleeper”, it is signed by “A Protestant Clergyman”.  It describes a…

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1836 Catholics - Anti Churches Thompson, George

July 19, Garrison writes from New York, to Knapp,  commenting on a recent speech by Beecher, in Pittsburgh, in which the preacher speaks of the Sabbath.  Of course, Lloyd is…

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1836 Beecher, Lyman Knapp, Isaac

1836 Press Attacks Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Includes an item from the Philadelphia Times, telling of a Mr. Wm. Andenreid, from Schuykill county, who has planted an acre of Sugar Beets, and which are growing handsomely.   Urges…

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1836 Anti-Slavery Produce

1836 Churches

Commenting on Garrison’s coming out against the Sabbath,  this unsigned item says, “…..It seems he goes for its immediate abolition. If Mr. G. really designs to destroy in the community…

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1836 Churches

1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations

Much in these issues about Texas, Mexico, and relations to U.S.   One item in this issue, for instance, includes quotes from General Houston’s letter to General Dunlap, of Nashville.  This…

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1836 Texas Annexation

1836 Females

1836 Courts - Mass. 1836 Massachusetts Courts & Slavery Med

1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations

Under a column, Concerns of Liberator,  as it nears the end of its sixth volume, the editor Indicates that expenditures always exceed subscriptions, and that there are many “patrons who…

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1836 Liberator

March 5, 1836 In a letter from Brooklyn, Ct, Feb 10, 1836, written to Mr. Oliver Johnson, Garrison indicates that he cannot attend the meeting of the Vermont Anti Slavery…

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March 12, 1836           From the Milledgeville, GA  Federal Union                $10,000 REWARD                For A. A. Phelps                A Noted Abolitionist                February 1, 1836      

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1836 Reward for Capture of Abolitionist

April 2, 1836 Includes a listing of resolutions passed at an Anti-Abolition meeting, Sept 18, 1835, at the Barnesville Court House,  (city or town not given)  So. Carolina, essentially these…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations Anti-Slavery Society - New England