Lyman Beecher again

July 19, Garrison writes from New York, to Knapp,  commenting on a recent speech by Beecher, in Pittsburgh, in which the preacher speaks of the Sabbath.  Of course, Lloyd is very critical, but, because he is ill, his comments, he says, “are not as vigorous as they might be”.   

Beecher, in his talk has referred to “the experiment of human liberty” which he believes characterizes the land.

Garrison comments:  “The wonderful ‘experiment’ that we are now making is precisely this – to see how long we can plunder, with impunity, two millions and a half of our population; how much labor we can extort with the cart-whip; how near to the level with a brute creation we can reduce every sixth man, woman, and child in the land ……….”

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