Judge Shaw declares freedom for child, Med

The case is about a six year old child, Med,  female colored child, from New Orleans.

Med’s owner’s wife, Mrs. Slater, brought Med to Boston.  The child was held by Thomas Aves, 21 Pinckney Street, and intent of Mrs. Slater was to take her back to New Orleans, as a slave.  L. H. Harris, of Boston, Mariner, brings case before court, asking the court to prevent her being returned to slavery.  Judge Shaw finds she is not held in lawful custody.

The case is here viewed as a triumph by Abolitionists…  The Vermont Telegraph, quoted in this issue:
“Be it known that any slave coming to a free state with the consent of his master, whether in the way of accompanying him on a visit or otherwise is ‘emancipate and loosed’ the moment his feet are on our soil.”

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