Anti-Abolition in Cincinnati

The story of an Anti-Abolition meeting, Jan 22, with the Mayor acting as President.   The meeting refers to the foundation of the nation and the discussion of the fact that  the South “was found in possession of a kind of property which did not exist to any extent in the Middle and Eastern states;  after a full and thorough discussion the compact of the union was consummated, leaving to the slave states, the discretion of settling the momentous question in their own way, and in their own good time; the implied guarantee was thus promulgated, that slave property should be held sacred by the Constitution, and protected by the Laws.”

At this meeting Birney was heard in defense of the Abolitionists, but shouts and accusations  hurled at him made it impossible for him to complete his defense.  The anti-abolition resolutions were passed.  Discussion includes references that the whole history of the negroes shows that they are incapable of freedom, and that “They would be better off in slavery.”

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