Burial of Torrey

The Burial of C.T.Torrey

The Funeral of the late victim of American Christianity  — alias Slavery — took place in this city on Monday afternoon.  The exercises were conducted in a solemn and impressive manner at the Tremont Temple, which was thronged to overflowing  — hundreds being unable to gain admittance.  Two original hymns were sung, a portion of the Scriptures was read, and a sermon delivered by the Rev. J. C. Lovejoy, a brother of the Alton martyr.  The body of the deceased, after the solemnities had been concluded, was removed to Mount Auburn.  In the evening, a meeting was held in Faneuil Hall, Gen. Fessenden of Maine in the chair.  Addresses were made by the chairman, Henry B. Stanton, Dr. Walter Channing, and others.  We have no room for particulars.

(Liberator, May 22, 1846, pg 3)