Horror at a slaveholders profanity!

Dr. Brisbane says that when he was in South Carolina, one of his Baptist brethren underwent a church trial for a very serious offence.  This Baptist brother had been the means of separating slave husband and wife forever.  He had been importuned not to do it  — to sell them both to one master, and not wring their hearts with the agony of separation, but he said, ‘he would see them both damned first!’  He was brought up before the church, and tried, for what, think ye?   For the inhumanity of sundering man and wife?  No: but for using profane language!  His spiritual advisers and co-workers took no thought of the crime of parting what God had joined together, but they were horrified at the profane expression used by their brother!  — Washington Patriot

                                                          (Liberator,June 19, 1846, pg 2)