War with Mexico, Polk’s war!

The Iniquitous War

The war with Mexico is one of the most unjust and uncalled-for wars that ever disgraced any nation on the earth.  And what the object of Polk was in getting us involved in it, we cannot imagine, if it were not for the gratification of a revengeful disposition, or making the conquest of the Mexican Province.  Surely it was not to secure the interest or happiness of the American people.   No; for he cares no more for these than a ‘Crow cares about Sunday.’   In this affair President Polk has proved himself either a knave or a man non compos meutis.  And the Congressmen and Senators who deliberately endorsed his conflict, by voting men and money in his hands, with which to prosecute this infamous, hell-born war, are to be looked upon in the same light…..Let their names go down, (where their deeds, in regard to this matter, have already gone, in the eyes of the civilized and enlightened men,) to eternal infamy; and let them be remembered as men that were utterly destitute of moral principle, and lacking in good faith and common honesty!    Herkimer Freeman

(Liberator, June 19, 1846, pg 2)